Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook introduces file sharing facility upto 25 MB

Facebook has dominant the internet by it's social network. And now Superiority it's influence by introducing various technologies to it's platform , the timeline was the latest of them. Now they have launched the Files Uploading facility.

Facebook was used to share Pictures, Videos and Documents. Now this facility will enhance it to next level as any document can be uploaded directly from your PC. Facebook allows up to 25MB per file to be uploaded at a time, just like the e-mail provider, the size is limited to stop online piracy and infringement.
This can be a turn-a-round to internet world. As Facebook readily provided chat and personal message, later they introduced group chats and video calling, and now this file sharing will be a huge huge danger to e-mail service providers. Facebook is going to ruin them as all services provided by E-mail providers are now provided by Facebook. Let's see reactions and look forward to where these ends. Be ready to experience the new change.

Here I am writing a photo tutorial guide to show how to use this facility and its features.
Step 1: Go to the place where you want to share the file. Here I am sharing a file in my group named 09_CE_GIT. Then go to the Upload File tab and it will ask you to browse a file from your local PC.

Step 2: After successfully uploading your file it will show up like this. You can see the file name. You can download it directly. It also gives a facility to upgrade the file version.

Step 3: The Files tab will show you all the file uploaded at that place. Documents will be shown along side with it.

Step 4: You can give the file link to download it. You can also modify your file versions at one place.