Friday, May 4, 2012

Klout - everyone has influence

Hie guyz here I am sharing another new service which is known as Klout.
You can join this service and update your profile, based on that you will receive free perks from companies; getting free perks you can share your good/bad reviews about it or remain silent depends on you. Using Twitter and Facebook you can join in and enjoy the new web experience.
After joining in connect your other social services with Klout and increase your influence which can help you to get good/more perks.
If you are alreadily on Klout you can join me on
If you want to get an invitation from me then you can add me as your friend on Facebook ( or follow me on Twitter (
Klout:- Klout was founded in 2008 to help you measure and leverage your influence. We believe influence is the ability to drive action. 

  • Klout Perks are exclusive products or experiences you earn based on your Klout. Perks enable brands to connect with influencers in their area of expertise. As an influencer, you get first access to Perks you can share with your friends and audience.
  • As an influencer, you are the type of person that your friends look to when choosing what movie to see or what laptop to buy. The brands we work with are confident in the quality of their products and they'd like you to try it to see for yourself. You are welcome to tell the world that you love the product, you dislike it, or to say nothing at all.

Influence:- Along with your Score, Klout finds your most influential topics based on the engagement you receive from others.