Monday, May 28, 2012

Symptoms and signs of heart attack?

Symptoms and signs of heart attack may include the following:
Chest pain or discomfort that is crushing, like a heavy weight; or squeezing, like a tight band around the chest; or an ache in the center of the chest. The pain may radiate to the neck, jaw, shoulders, arms (especially the left arm), back, abdomen, face or teeth. The pain is persistent (longer than 15 minutes), and does not ease with rest. The pain is sometimes mistaken for indigestion.

Note that in some cases, heart attacks are painless:
Profuse sweating
Difficulty breathing
Feeling dizzy or light-headed
Pale, clammy skin
The pulse may be fast or irregular
The person may suddenly collapse and lose consciousness
First aid for heart attack:
Encourage the person to sit still, with knees bent to ease strain on the heart.
Talk to him calmly and reassuringly, and loosen any tight clothing.
Monitor any changes in condition.
The person should take one aspirin with water (Unless he is allergic to or unable to take aspirin). Aspirin helps to prevent blood clotting.