Monday, July 9, 2012

The border guards (BSF)

When i look up in the sky,
I see the stars shining bright.
When i look at the mountain,
I see a great natural wall standing.
When i gaze at the rann,
I find it gazing back
as if it was telling you ..
not to worry .. i am there to
take the attack.

When i look at my back..
I see a nation
whose soul needs to be stirred
I find myself guarding a block
which need to first look within..introspect.
What is it that i guard.??
What is it that i stand for.??
What is it that i put my life and that of my loved ones in terrible terrible pain.??

Will these questions be ever answered..??
Will my fellow countrymen ever wake up to the thought ..
that they need to stand up for their support is what boosts us up..
they are my people .. my fellows and my friends..
Wake up friends before it gets too late..
The nation is calling you.
Jai Hind!!