Monday, July 30, 2012

How to register for CPD (Contributor Personality Development) []

After registering successfully for CPD ActiveGuide on you have to fill your profile. There are 4 categories you have to fill which are Personal, Educational, Work, and Other Information. As shown in above pic you have to fill your personal details like Name, DOB, email, Address etc.
In the Education and Work information section you need to specify your college and higher education, as well as your professional details like your designation and experience.
In the last part you can provide additional information like the reason for joining this program. Note that none of these fields are mandatory, but the information you fill will be useful to modify the site and benefit to others.
Once you activated your account you will get access to it only for 6 months. You can always view your course details and your all activities on the site.
For any queries/assistance you may contact Mr. Piyush Pandey on
PS: The text books will be available in the market from Saturday onwards.

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