Saturday, July 7, 2012

.NET v/s WDM(XML) : What should you select?

To those people who are in dilemma what to select WDM or .Net!

I asked my proffesor here in laurentian university Dr.kalpdrum Pasii about why to select WDM over .net?

Answers :-

  1. Both are different topics one is web database and .net is programming side.
  2. WDM is actually a master's subject.
  3. .Net can be learnt by ur own if interested but WDM cant be learnt by ur own!
  4. WDM is rich subject.
  5. If u gain knowledge in web database den u might end up in good company if you wanna travel abroad.
  6. NO RECESSION in any company of database ever.
  7. WDM is gonna be huge blast in near future!
 post by: Henil Shah