Saturday, August 11, 2012

If YOU cross the border illegally

If YOU cross the North Korean border illegally YOU get 12 years hard labor with torture.
If YOU cross the Iranian border illegally YOU are detained indefinitely.
If YOU cross the Afghan border illegally, YOU get shot without warning.
If YOU cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally YOU will be jailed.
If YOU cross the Chinese border illegally YOU may never be heard again.

If YOU cross the Venezuelan border illegally YOU will be branded an American spy and your fate will be sealed.
If YOU cross the Cuban border illegally YOU Will Be Thrown into Political Prison to Rot.
If You Enter Britain illegally YOU will be arrested, prosecuted, sent to prison and finally deported

If YOU Are a Bangladeshi And Illegally Cross The Indian Border You Get……
- A Ration Card
- Passport (1 or more, as per your requirement)
- Hajj Subsidy
- A Drivers License
- Voter Identity Card
- Job Reservation
- Special Privileges
- Credit Cards
- Subsidized Rent OR Loan facility to buy a house
- Free Education
- Free Health Care
- A Lobbyist in New Delhi, with a ready Television Channel & group of expert human right activists
- Unexpected support from various NGOs working towards the cause of making this country a better place
- The right to talk about secularism, which was not heard of back home.

Even India’s Scheduled castes do not get these benefits in India.
Even Bangla Deshi and Pakistani Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists do not get these benefits in India.
Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists are treated as third class citizens by Nehru Dynasty and Congress UPA in India.
After Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), we now have Bangladesh Occupied Assam (BOA) thanks to Congress Occupied India (COI).
India chahta he Nehru Parivar and Congress UPA Murdabad aur uska nash ho. India wants death and destruction to Nehru Family and Congress UPA.
Spread the message to all Indians by internet, radio, television, word of mouth, newspapers, etc.