Saturday, September 22, 2012

12 Names & stories of Ganesha

The devotees of the lord Ganesh has almost learnt by heart this stanza. It is a matter of daily utterance. Shri Ganesh is given Prime importance among the Panch-Devas (Five Gods) according to Indian Hindu tradition. Lord Ganesh is respected with the first honour of worship, before undertaking any auspicious occassion, or celebration. For the successful completion of any auspicious undertaking, the Tweleve - names of Lord Ganesh are pronounced, and praised.

The obvious meaning of the above sanskrit stanza is that. One who utters, pronounces these twelve names of Ganesh; while beginning his studies, at the time of marriage, while entering the town or the newly constructed house; before setting off for the journey (Yatra), setting off for war; or in times of crisis, he does not come across any obstacles.

Twelves Name of Lord Ganesh are as follows
1. Sumukh 2. Ekdanta (with one Tooth) 3. Kapil, 4. Gajkarna
5. Lambodar 6. Vikat 7. Vighna-Nashan 8. Vinayak
9. Dhumraketu 10. Ganadhyaksha 11. Bhalchandra 12. Gajanan

Summerily, one describes lord Ganesh, as a God with beautiful face, with one tooth, black in colour, with an ear of elephant, big tummy, ferracious, demolishing the evils; a god with a bunch of virtous characters, bearing smoky colour small banner, a leader of the Ganas (People in general) bearing the moon on his head, and having an elephant face. However the inner meaning of these tweleve names is drastically different.