Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ganesh Chaturthi Gujarat

Inspirations from Lord Ganeshjee

Lord Ganesh's BIG HEAD inspires us to 'Think Big' & 'Profitably'.
Lord Ganesh's BIG EARS prompt us to listen patiently to new ideas & suggestion.
Lord Ganesh's NARROW EYES point to deep concentration needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly.
Lord Ganesh's LONG NOSE tells us to poke around inquisitely to learn more.
Lord Ganesh's SMALL MOUTH reminds us to speak less and listen more.

Ganesha Namah
Ganesha has many names. The main ones are Ganapati, Vigneshwara, and Vinayaka. (Lord of the tribe, Controller of all obstacles and Prominent leader).

Om Vigneshvaraye Namaha
Om Samukhaye Namaha
May all tasks be completed without any unwarranted delays or obstacles
May it be full of beauty and grace, or visual appeal
Om Ekdantaye Namah
Om Rajanathaye Namah
May the task and its purpose be our priority list till goal is accomplished
May we become large heartened and attain power to see difference between positive and negative
Om Rajkaranaye Namah
Om Lambodaraye Namah
May we be blessed with the powers of self actualisation
May we be blessed to possess powers to keep to ourself and keep focused till the task is competed
Om Dhumraketuvaye Namah
Om Bhalchandraye Namah
May we attain fame by possessing clarity of thought
May we possess good thoughts and ideals, maintain our humility and hold head high with respect
Om Vikataye Namaha
Om Vinakaye Namaha
May we be blessed with energies to overcome negatives and win over enemies
Bless us with qualities of Leadership
Om Ganakshaye Namaha
May we lead the Leaders