Saturday, September 15, 2012

[HACK] How to open a website infinitely?

Here, I am going to teach you how you can open multiple websites from a single website.. ultimately this trick will open websites specified in your code when the called website is loaded.. Suppose you are loading and you have implemented this code on that page.. then single loading of will open websites that you have specified in code..

Now if you want to open a website infinitely than you simply have to call the same website from the called website.. Suppose is the called website which will be loaded, then it will open a window of; now the opened will again open a new window with so this cycle will go-on-and-on.. thus resulting in infinite results..

The code is nothing but a simple javascript.. which will be called and hence invoke loading of other windows.. this script is normally used when domain is moved, or used for SEO marketing too.. note that running of infinite windows can cause browser and system failure.. here is the code..


Give me a name said...

Useless trick man. Nowadays, the websites are not vulnerable to CSS.