Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[SPAM] Union Bank ALERT

Hackers always try new things to steam your data and money. E-mail spamming is most common of all of them. They always come up with new tricks to fool innocent users. Currently they have been attacking the bank account information in the name of Axis Bank and Union Bank. Here, I will show you how they steal your personal information and may damage your system by a mail only.

First of all try to avoid mails in your junk/spam folder, as most of them are fake and dangerous, do not trust them easily. Try not to open them if possible. Because by only opening the email you can get some viruses and never download files attached in risky emails, they are also full of viruses.
Never fill any form or send your personal data to such untrustworthy mails as most of them are fake and can put you in serious trouble with your money as well.

Share it with people known to you and save them from trouble.
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Email: devharsh@live.in
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This is how the mail looks like:
Your Online Banking is locked
Dear Valued Customer,
Our banking system has changed, we recently reviewed your account
and suspect that your Union Bank Online have not been configured with our 
latest security innovation.
Protecting the security of your account is our primary concern.
Therefore, as a preventive measure, we have temporarily
limited access to sensitive account features.
To restore your account access, we need you to confirm your identity.
1. Open The Attachment In This Mail Which Contains A Security Verification
2. Carefully Confirm Your details and Get secured Instantly .
3. After Successful Verification, You Will Be Redirected To Our Disclaimer
4. In two weeks from your receipt of this mail, You Will Receive A Manual
Containing A Pin And How To Activate It.
To do so we need you to download the Enrollment Form and proceed to confirming
your information:
Thank you for your patience as we work together to protecting your account.
Thank you.
Online Union Bank of India Security TEAM (Technical Services)

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