Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Win 4000+ Backlinks Free [Giveaway]

Hello buddies.. As KnowCrazy.com is going to enter into 3rd awesome year on 9th November 2012 we have decided to give the return gift for the gift of love and support we have received in last two years. We have a giveaway of a more than 4000 backlinks!!.. We have thousands of quality backlinks waiting just for you.. :)) :))..

Instructions for Giveaway:
All you have to do to enter in this contact is filling the details about your blog / website / facebook page / about me page / etc.. that are mentioned in this post. You can either email us these details or fill out the form.
Once received your information we will make a post for it on our blog. You have to share and promote that post.
The winner will be decided on the base of total Shares (Likes, Tweets, +1's) he/she gets on his post.
You can either fill out this form


You can fill the following details and email on knowcrazy.com@outlook.com
* := Required Fields

  • Full Name*
  • Email*
  • Social Profile (optional)
  • Blog Title*
  • Blog URL*
  • Keyword (optional)

I hope, you have understood this simple rules..if not mail me on knowcrazy.com@outlook.com or comment over here.. :)

The Top 15 Winners will be decided on sum of the total shares on the post.
The prize list is given below:

  1. 1st Winner: 4000 Backlinks
  2. 2nd Winner: 3750 Backlinks
  3. 3rd Winner: 3500 Backlinks
  4. 4th Winner: 3250 Backlinks
  5. 5th Winner: 3000 Backlinks
  6. 6th Winner: 2750 Backlinks
  7. 7th Winner: 2500 Backlinks
  8. 8th Winner: 2250 Backlinks
  9. 9th Winner: 2000 Backlinks
  10. 10th Winner: 1750 Backlinks
  11. 11th Winner: 1500 Backlinks
  12. 12th Winner: 1250 Backlinks
  13. 13th Winner: 1000 Backlinks
  14. 14th Winner: 750 Backlinks
  15. 15th Winner: 500 Backlinks

=> The Giveaway opens from: 1st November 2012

=> The last date for submission is: 31st December 2012

=>The winner will be declared on: 1st January 2013

++ Learn more about backlinks and giveaway.

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