Monday, December 10, 2012

difference between medicines and supplements

Medicines are products which contain active agents and which are used by humans (or animals) in order to Prevent, Ease, Diagnose, Treat; illnesses, symptoms of illnesses, pain or to affect a bodily function.
Herbal medicines are a special group of medicines which typically contain dried plants, extracts of herbs or other naturally occurring agents. The active agents may not occur in concentrations which are considerably higher than in nature. Herbal medicines can only be approved for the treatment of less serious illnesses.
Strong vitamin and mineral products are a group of medicines, where the active agents are exclusively vitamins and/or minerals, and where the content of vitamins and minerals is considerably higher than the normal daily requirement for adults. Strong vitamin and mineral products can only be approved to prevent and heal the so-called deficiency conditions.
Nutritional supplements are products which supplement the normal diet with nutrients. For example vitamins and or oils with a high content of essential fatty acids in doses within the maximum allowable daily dose.