Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What is DMADV Methodology?

The acronym DMADV sounds pretty much similar to DMAIC. The similarity ends after the first three letters DMA.

     Define: You will define the goals of the project and that of the customers (both internal and external)

     Measure: Here you will quantify the customer needs as well as the goals of the management

     Analyze: Analyze the options, existing process to determine the cause of error origination and evaluate corrective measures

4.     Design: Design a new process or a corrective step to the existing one to eliminate the error origination that meets the target specification

5.     Verify: Verify, by simulation or otherwise, the performance of thus developed design and its ability to meet the target needs

DFSS is the acronym for Design For Six Sigma. Unlike the DMAIC methodology, the phases or steps of DFSS are not universally recognized or defined — almost every company or training organization will define DFSS differently. Many times a company will implement DFSS to suit their business, industry and culture; other times they will implement the version of DFSS used by the consulting company assisting in the deployment. One popular Design for Six Sigma methodology is called DMADV, and retains the same number of letters, number of phases, and general feel as the DMAIC acronym.