Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flags in Torrent

What are the flags in a Torrent client?
The flags in the Torrent Client (BitTorrent or uTorrent) displays various letters, each carrying a special meaning about the state of the connection.

Meaning of flags in BitTorrent:
    ?: your client unchoked the peer but the peer is not interested
    D: currently downloading from the peer (interested and not choked)
    d: your client wants to download, but peer doesn't want to send (interested and choked)
    E: peer is using Protocol Encryption (all traffic)
    e: peer is using Protocol Encryption (handshake)
    F: peer was involved in a hashfailed piece (not necessarily a bad peer, just involved)
    H: peer was obtained through DHT
    h: peer connection established via UDP hole-punching
    I: peer established an incoming connection
    K: peer unchoked your client, but your client is not interested
    L: peer has been or discovered via Local Peer Discovery
    O: optimistic unchoke
    P: peer is communicating and transporting data over uTP
    S: peer is snubbed
    U: currently uploading to the peer (interested and not choked)
    u: the peer wants your client to upload, but your client doesn't want to (interested and choked)
    X: peer was included in peer lists obtained through Peer Exchange (PEX)

Examples of flags in uTorrent:
  1. D HP
  2. D HX
  3. D HXP
  4. D I
  5. D IEP
  6. D IH
  7. D IHE
  8. D IHP
  9. D IHX
  10. D IHXEP
  11. D IHXP
  12. D IHXPH
  13. D IP
  14. D IX
  15. D IXEP
  16. D IXP
  17. D X
  18. D XEP
  19. D XP
  20. D XPH
  21. DS HXP
  22. DS IHP
  23. DS X
  24. H
  25. HP
  26. HXP
  27. HXEP
  28. I
  29. IE
  30. IH
  31. IHP
  32. IHX
  33. IHXEP
  34. IHXEPH
  35. IHXP
  36. IP
  37. IX
  38. IXE
  39. K IEP
  40. P
  41. U
  42. U H
  43. U HXEP
  44. U HXP
  45. U IEP
  46. U IHP
  47. U IHX
  48. U IHXE
  49. U IHXEP
  50. U IHXP
  51. U IX
  52. U IXE
  53. U IXEP
  54. U IXP
  55. U XE
  56. U XP
  57. UD IHXEP
  58. UD IX
  59. UO IHXEP
  60. UO XE
  61. X
  62. XE
  63. XEP
  64. XP


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