Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Switzerland Travel Guide (5)

The safest and easiest form of money are traveller's checks and credit cards. All the ATMs accept foreign cards, so getting cash should not be a problem. The currency used is the Swiss Franc (CHF) however many places accept Euro notes (you will be given change in Swiss Francs).
A service charge is normally included in hotel and restaurant bills as well as taxi fares. An extra tip is not expected but is always appreciated.
Money exchange places:
• Any Swiss bank
• Main railway stations
• Airports
• Major hotels
What to buy:
Switzerland is the watch‐making capital of the world. Every large town will have horologers and jewellers with a vast selection of watches, often accompanied by a large price tag. Bucherer is the country's biggest and most famous watch retailer offering a wide range of watches from CHF 50 to 100'000.

Two of the finest Swiss chocolatiers can be found in Zurich: Teuscher and Spr√ľngli. However even the grocery store brand chocolate in Switzerland will be much to your satisfaction.

Swiss Army knives
These are excellent high quality gifts. Most shops throughout Switzerland stock Victorinox knifes; even some newsagents, just remember to pack them in your hold luggage.

Souvenir gifts
These can be picked up in all ski and tourist areas.