Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Uttarayan 2013

Uttarayan (known as Makar Sakranti in other parts of India) is the day when the sun starts to travel northwards marking the decline of winter. The days become longer, the skies clearer and the breeze cooler. Gujarat celebrates 2,000 festivals every year! Among these, the festival of Uttarayan is one of the grandest and stands tall. In Gujarat, Uttarayan is a holiday when every family can be met outdoors. People of all ages fly kites from dawn to dusk. Crowded rooftops, fun-loving rivalry to outdo each other in kite flying skills and delicious traditional Gujarati feast are the hallmarks of the day. Makar Sankranti is the most popular Hindu festival in India. It is widely celebrated in most parts of the country. Makar Sankranti is also widely popular in the World with different name like Kites Festival, Uttarayan and others. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala are the most popular states for celebrating Kites Festival in India.

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