Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Solved] CL_FlushEntityPacket

If you are getting CL_FlushEntityPacket Warnings this typically means that either:

  • Your internet connection or the server's internet connection is having problems.
  • Your connection is overloaded, for example running a peer-to-peer file sharing application in the background.
  • There are other computers on your local network using your internet connection.
  • The server you are on has its network connection overloaded.
  • You are running on a wireless connection with a poor or inconsistent signal.
  • You have a Virus or Trojan or Internet Worm infection that is generating traffic.
  • You are connected to the internet using a dial-up or other low-speed connection.
  • You have your rate or cl_updaterate or cl_cmdrate settings too fast for your internet connection.

You can help to identify and eliminate the source of your problem by:

  • Shut down all unnecessary programs on your computer before playing.
  • Disconnect all other computers in your household to see if they are causing the problem.
  • Scan all computers on your home network for virus/trojan and spyware.
  • If you are running on a wireless network, try connecting using a direct ethernet cable and see if the problem goes away. You will probably have to disable the "Wireless Zero Configuration" service while you are playing as well.
  • Safe rates for dial-up connections are typically around 3500-5000, while broadband connections should be able to safely run 30000 or better. You set this in your game console (~ typically) by entering: rate <value>.
  • The default cl_updaterate is 20, setting the value to a higher number increases the download demand on your connection. Set this in your console: cl_updaterate 20.
  • The default cl_cmdrate is 30, setting the cale to a higher number increases the upload demoand on your internet connection. Set this in your console: cl_cmdrate 30.

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