Sunday, March 2, 2014

Soyang Dam

  • Constructed in 1973, Soyang Dam is the largest rock filled dam in Asia. 
  • As the waterway is used to bridge together cities, Soyangho Lake which is the largest artificial lake in Korea is called ‘the sea inside the land.’
  • Soyangho Lake has the largest fishing farm, and is called the fresh-water fish museum because more than 50 kinds of fresh-water fish such as cyprinus carpio nudu, trout, carp, eel, and smelt live here. 
  • The valleys around the lake is especially famous for smelt fishing in the winter, and nearby are Cheongpyeongsa Temple built in the Goryeo Dynasty and Mt. Obongsan. 
  • There are the Yanggu Prehistoric Museum, the 4th tunnel, Eulji Observatory, Pallang Waterfall, Hugok Mineral Spring, Cheonmi Valley, Wolmyeong valley, Suipcheon and Yang-gu Pallang Folk Center on the Yanggu area. 
  • The upper area of Soyangho Lake is the Injegun area and includes Gyeongnojeong. 
  • There is a ferry terminal and other facilities at the top of the dam.