Thursday, July 10, 2014

SeriesQuotes - Internet's New Addiction

We all love to watch television series and we all love to read some beautiful and inspiring quotes. What if there was a social network on which you can discuss both of them. Wouldn't you love it? Well then if you were waiting for something like it then your wait is over. SeriesQuotes is the ultimate destination.

SeriesQuotes is developed by two Python programmers Harsh Kothari and Dishant Chavda from Ride Hurricane. It was launched on 7th July this year. This websites is growing rapidly and right now it features 150+ quotes from 100+ series.

It lets you add your own quote and submit new series. You can join the website using Facebook and Twitter and follow people or series and comment on quotes as well. Developers are constantly working on this website for improvements. Allover it is a promising start-up.