Saturday, November 27, 2010

Famous people who died of smoking related illness

George Harrison, 58, The Beatles, advanced throat cancer

Wilhelmina Cooper , 40, modeling pioneer, lung cancer

Judy Holliday, 43, actress, throat cancer

Nat King Cole, 45, singer, lung cancer

Nancy Gore Hunger, 46, Al Gore's sister, lung cancer

Clark Gable, 59, actor, heart attack

Errol Flynn, 50, actor, heart attack

Steve McQueen, 50, actor, lung cancer

Jack Cassidy, 50, actor, died in a fire from smoking in bed

Carl Wilson, 51, Beach Boys, lung cancer

Wayne McLaren, 51, Marlboro Cowboy from posters, lung cancer

Roger Maris, 51, New York Yankees, lung cancer

Roy Orbison, 52, singer, heart attack

Babe Ruth, 53, baseball player, oral cancer

Jerry Garcia, 53, Grateful Dead, heart attack

Michael Landon, 54, actor, pancreas and liver cancer

Betty Grable, 56, pin-up girl & actress, lung cancer

King George VI, 56, Father of Queen Elizabeth II, lung cancer

Humphrey Bogart, 57, actor, esophagus cancer

Edward R. Murrow, 57, reporter, lung cancer

Gracie Allen, 58, actress (wife of George Burns), heart attack

R.J. Reynolds, 58, tobacco company founder, emphysema

R.J. Reynolds, III, 59, tobacco company heir, emphysema


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