Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just believe everything will be fine

I may not have seen those days
i may not have known you then
i may not be able to know more
because i can see it hurts you when you tell

i don't want you to re-live the past
nor do i want you to recall
nor to remind you of it ever
nor to let you remember it at all

you hide yourself somewhere deep inside
wear a happy face for this world unfair
make your friends laugh and forget yourself
you teach me so much through words of care

but friend, i can feel the pain
and i know all those smiles are fake
i know you would never let me know
but i know somewhere, your heart did break

i know those days still flash once in a while
yet you try to be brave and keep smiling
you shrug it away when i ask if all is fine
but i can see the tears that you've been hiding

how could i forget that you gave me hope
leaving aside the despair that life gave you
but the wet pages of past, appear in your words
tell me how i couldn't have known the real you?

can't say whether i'll be able to make you smile
but i'm sure merry songs would never end
will be a shoulder when you feel like crying
promise to be with you always dear friend

i pray somehow to make you forget
tough times that you've been through
you say i won't understand, how can i tell
it has been just the same with me too

times are getting better and sure they will
yesterdays will fade amidst shining tomorrows
no one knows how long these moments will remain unchanged
hope you get much more joys now than yesterdays' sorrows

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