Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DKT_Bot_Chat [Chatting with BOT]

My chatting with Linux Chess BOT.
It is a pretty short conversation, but I have tried to make it funnier.
I hope you find it interesting.

Here it begins...

(17:00:32) Devharsh Trivedi: hi
(17:02:06) GNU Chess 5.07:  Hello there.
(17:02:42) Devharsh Trivedi: how are you?
(17:02:44) GNU Chess 5.07:  I am fine, thank you.

Who's interested here playing chess?! lolx

(17:02:55) Devharsh Trivedi: hello
(17:02:56) GNU Chess 5.07:  Hi there!

I again greeted HI as I wanted to test same response!!..

(17:03:00) Devharsh Trivedi: hie
(17:03:00) GNU Chess 5.07:  Where are you located? 
(17:03:05) Devharsh Trivedi: ahmedabad
(17:03:06) GNU Chess 5.07:  Tell me a little about your life in  ahmedabad.

Why? Do you want to come to meet me?

(17:03:31) Devharsh Trivedi: hie
(17:03:40) GNU Chess 5.07:  What were we talking about again?

Do either of us cares?!
(17:03:57) Devharsh Trivedi: you know idiot
(17:05:51) Devharsh Trivedi: reply
(17:05:52) GNU Chess 5.07:  Hi there!
(17:06:01) Devharsh Trivedi: you are from?
(17:06:23) GNU Chess 5.07:  You think I am  from.
(17:06:25) Devharsh Trivedi: from where are you?
(17:06:35) GNU Chess 5.07:  I am originally from  Durham, UK. Now I live in  here.  Where are you?
(17:06:48) Devharsh Trivedi: where are you currently?
(17:08:22) GNU Chess 5.07:  I am in  here, how about you.
(17:08:31) Devharsh Trivedi: now where do you live?
(17:08:32) GNU Chess 5.07:  Why now?  I am living in  here. Where are you?

Now you are making me angry..

(17:08:37) Devharsh Trivedi: here means where?
(17:08:38) GNU Chess 5.07:  Oh there.
(17:08:51) Devharsh Trivedi: what is your name?
(17:08:52) GNU Chess 5.07:  My name is  DMPGirl.

Wow! It's a girl.. ;) 8).. Nice Name!!.. :P

(17:09:01) Devharsh Trivedi: so are you a girl?
(17:09:05) GNU Chess 5.07:  That's alright.  My gender is  female.
(17:09:16) Devharsh Trivedi: what is your age?
(17:09:42) Devharsh Trivedi: how old you are?

And that's why our chat stopped!
Didn't you get that? I asked age, she is female! LOL..

and after some time, I got this reply:
(17:10:50) GNU Chess 5.07:  I was activated on  1984 in  Durham, UK.

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