Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"SALUTE" to the Martyrs and to our serving Heroes.

An Appeal to all Countrymen, 

Every year we celebrate Diwali with our family and friends, but this year let's make it more meaningful.

Let us all make this Diwali very special by lighting one extra lamp at our home and our hearts to celebrate life of our strong and daring brave hearts  guarding us at the borders so that we live our life with freedom and respect. 

And let us all pay homage to larger than life sacrifice of many unsung very courageous, fearless, exceptionally brave heroes,
who devoted their precious life to protect the glory and honour of our motherland.

Remember, they too once celebrated this festival with their families but today they are not amongst us.

Let the whole nation stay united with the families to show respect & solidarity.

"SALUTE" to the Martyrs and to our serving Heroes.

Jai Hind!