Sunday, May 20, 2012

50 things to do when you're getting bored

1. Read a book
Pick up a good book to read- a current best seller- a classic from yore- a science fiction /crime story/ some romantic poetry/ or just a handbook on your vehicle. The idea is to have an enjoyable read to fill up the time.
2. Visit bingo websites and play bingo.
Visit bingo websites, play bingo and befriend people in the bingo chatroom.
3. Watch a movie at the theatre
Nothing like watching a movie on the big screen, along with a crowd hooting and whistling, with lots of hot buttered popcorn and cola and getting lost in the special effects. With multiplexes offering better movie experiences, watching a movie has become a really enjoyable experience.
4. Download your favorite ringtones
Visit ringtone websites and download your favorite ringtones.
5. Visit an internet chat room
There are several internet chat rooms that are teeming with people chatting with each other on topics ranging from serious issues like climate change to lighter ones such as hairstyles. There are  Spicygirl, Oldygoldy, Daredevil, and Lazydaisy and many such interesting people of all ages and from all places on the planet.  The flip side is that spicygirl might be a 60-year-old Japanese man from across the world!! If you are comfortable with the unwritten rules of chatting (assumed identities/ new lingo- like a/s/l or smilies), then you can while away many hours on harmless chatting on the Internet.
6. Visit an astrologer or psychic
Wouldn’t you like to know your future? So if you have time to kill, visit an astrologer to have your hand and chart read. It is a really interesting way to spend time by listening to his predictions and examining your charts. Even if you are a skeptic, hearing his predictions is a harmless pass time.
7. Go to the mall
You can spend time at the mall doing different things. You can go shopping, or not spend a penny and just window shop or better still, just spend time watching the people thronging the mall.
8. Go to a coffee shop
Coffee shops are filled with interesting people with whom you can strike up or renew friendships. It is filled with friendly banter over cups of steaming coffee.
9. Visit internet dating websites
Dating websites on the net are fun to explore. Create a profile just for fun and start surfing and contacting interesting people for some online dating. Chatting with people you met on the sites can be a fun activity.
10. Play a prank on someone
How about playing a harmelss prank on some one to liven up the atmosphere. Maybe you can use anonymous telephone calls or e-mails to pull gags on a friend and really have a good laugh. The idea is not to hurt some one but to share some laughs at the end.
11. Throw a party or attend one
If you really want to have a wild time, you could throw a party. It could be a theme party like Hawaiian nights or Halloween dress up. You can organize fun games/good food and drinks/ music and dance etc to liven up the party. You can also have a nice time attending someone else’s party.
12. Take out your old clothes and donate them to poor
Take out all those relics of the past from your wardrobe and pack them all up. Present these packets to the Church or the local charity home or to the poor you meet on the street. This is a really good way to spend your time.
13. Learn dancing
Go for dancing classes and learn to move a few graceful steps whether square dancing, salsa or ballet. You will learn to be a good dancer as well as keep your body fit and meet interesting people who share the same passion of dancing.
14. Do some knitting/crochet
Learn some hand skills like stitching, knitting, crochet etc, which are not just for grandmothers. You can create wonderful patterns and pieces like tablecloths, jumpers, socks, shawls, and lots more. Only limit is your imagination.
15. Make up a humorous poem / limerick/joke
Share or just enjoy making up funny poems, songs or jokes. You can entertain yourself or share a few laughs with friends.
16. Compile jokes
Have a fun time putting together jokes collected from books/ magazines/ radio/ TV. /Internet.  Makes for a valuable collection.
17. Collect cartoons
Collect favorite cartoons-newspaper cutouts/comic books/ movies and VCD’s/dolls/pictures.
18. Go sporting on the beach
Play beach volleyball- head out to the beach and have fun playing ball on the beach/ have fun people watching/join jet skiing or surfing/go swimming/play Frisbee on the beach
19. Get a sun tan
Get a tan, resting in the sun with lots of suntan lotion on your body /at the beach/ or on your lawn in the backyard/in the bright sunlight.
Read aloud to children-read aloud books/stories to children at local library or bookstore. It is an immensely satisfying activity and the kids will keep you entertained.
20. Go babysitting
If you have a way with kids, go babysitting occasionally. You and the kids will entertain each other and you will earn a few bucks too.
21. Play cards
Play cards with friends/ strangers on long train rides/ yourself. There are so many games with cards, for money or no money to be played for lots of fun. You can also learn card tricks and impress your friends with them later.
22. Play some music
Feeling down and out? Blast some of your favorite music- it will jolt your senses and keep you rocking and rolling.
23. Make a trip to the beauty parlor or salon
Go through the facial/ pedicure/ manicure routine to feel clean and refreshed.
24. Get a new haircut/ hairstyle
How about sporting anew hairstyle from clean-shaven to long curly tresses, do creative things with your hair that leaves you feeling confident and smart.
25. Sing out loud even if you cant
Be a bold bathroom singer. Try singing your favorite songs even if you are tone-deaf, entertaining yourself. Ignore the shrieks from neighbors.
26. Dress up in something silly
Once in a while dresses up in fancy outfits just to look outlandish and silly and to invite stares from people.
27. Doodle or cartoon
You can create minor artwork by doodling and cartooning. Secretly doodling and cartooning can save a boring lecture.
28. Write letters to famous people
If you are a crazy fan or you are just plain bored you can write e-mails/letters to famous personalities. Some people make it a daily obsession out of this activity. If you are lucky, you might get a reply.
29. Cook up a storm
Bring out those cook books and grandma’s recipes and roll up your sleeves- try your hand at cooking exotic dishes copied from these books. Never mind if it bombs, you can serve them to your pets. If the pets don’t want it, use it as organic manure in the garden.
30. Learn new words in the dictionary
Flip through the dictionary and have a fun time learning new words and their meanings. Try them out in conversation t sometime in the future. It is a fun way to build up your vocabulary.
31. Plan a trip
Take a trip to someplace interesting- somewhere uphill to the mountains or down hill to the seaside. Maybe just plan a picnic to the lake nearby.
Watch T.V. with sound off- Great fun watching shows on television with sound on mute. For more fun, you can mouth the dialogues.
32. Karaoke in public
Have the guts to Sing to music (Karaoke) at the local club. Make sure you have had plenty of practice before you display your singing skills.
33. Watch a foreign film
Watch an out- of- the- ordinary film like a Swedish/ Chinese/Serbian film. Have fun reading the subtitles in English. You may discover some fantastic movies in other languages.
34. Climb a tree
Renew childhood memories. Scramble up a tree and enjoy the view from top or pluck a few fruits from the heights.
35. Watch a magic show
There is some interesting magic tricks that you can watch and some you can learn. So watch and learn magic tricks or simply be mesmerized by some magician.
36. Watch a circus
Circuses are great fun with their flying trapezes, dancing elephants, daring mobikes and crazy clowns. Go with a few kids and have a whale of a time.
37. Learn hypnosis
Learn to hypnotize people. Great way to get at the center of their thoughts and desires. Also allow yourself to be hypnotized to cure any hang-ups you may have.
38. Stay up 24 hours
Stay awake for 24 hours to watch that football game being played across the planet, with lots of friends, food and fun.
39. Play silly games
Like hoops, skipping rope, go carting or go to theme parks and go on wild rides like roller coasters and giant wheels.
40. Volunteer for a charity
Spend time usefully by volunteering fro a local charity. Help them in collecting funds/old clothes/ furniture/toys/ and help in doing chores for senior citizens like mowing their lawns or reading to lonely seniors.
41. Dial wrong numbers
Dial up strange people and have a conversation with them. Make sure you do this from a cell phone. Be careful you don't give out personal information!
42. Set up an aquarium
Get plenty of gold fish and set up an aquarium at home. Have fun watching the fish/ feeding the fish/ looking after the aquarium.
43. Learn basic office skills
Learnt to type/ short hand/ handle computers. This is very interesting to many people and has even become a necessity for some.
44. Learn crazy body tricks
Learn to stand upside down, to do cartwheels, to make a long jump, to stand on one leg for long, to sit with legs crossed for a long time and to do martial arts like Judo and Karate.
45. Compile an address cum birthday book
Cannot remember phone numbers or keep losing numbers saved on mobiles and palm tops? - Get those numbers down in a book and also note down birthdays of important people. You can also save this information in your online-mail box.
46. Go hot air ballooning or kayaking or rock climbing
Those who love the outdoors have a wide choice of activities like trekking the wild jungles, climbing steep hills, kayaking gushing rivers and floating in hot air balloons.
47. Go for meditation/ yoga
Give rest and rejuvenation to the senses by attending a meditation session or doing yoga.
48. Play virtual reality games
Play virtual reality games like Second life or World of Warcraft.
49. Get in touch with an old friend
This is a really useful way to spend time. Renewing friendship with an old pal and catching up on old times is really fun way to spend your time. It may be through a phone call/ a letter/ an e-mail. Nothing more fun than sharing a few laughs and memories with an old friend.
50. Rent a DVD/ VCD at home
Have a few hours to spare? If you’re a movie buff, a great way is to rent DVD’s at home especially to catch on movies you didn’t get time to watch on screen or movies you want to watch again and again/ movie collections of your favorite stars.
There are hundreds of fun, satisfying and interesting activities to do when you are bored.

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