Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar

Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar is the online vegetables vendor in Ahmedabad. Here I am sharing this site with you because I feel it is an innovative concept.

Welcome to Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar
What is it that we all need - our basic need for survival? Food, of course!
Welcome to the world of fresh food. You may never enjoy fruits and vegetables as much as you would now. Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar is your local “sabji bazaar”.
Shop for fruits and vegetables online from now onwards, simply by clicking on to our website!
We are the 1st and only house for the best fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can be ordered from this website. Or simply call our helpline number 079-67776999.
We will make sure that you get all you need delivered to your door steps.
Home made food will now get more delicious than fast food or ‘bahar ka khana’. Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar will make sure that your little ones do not feed their appetite from the local ‘pani puri ki laari’ or your teenage daughter is not always in restaurants and food joints. Make healthy and tasty food by getting fresh fruits and vegetables from us.
We are more hygienic than your local vegetable vendor. You won’t have to argue for unfair prices. Our prices will always be just and satisfactory.
Try us once to feel the difference.

About Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar
Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar is a one-of-its-kind market for vegetables and fruits. In modern times, when internet has spread its web all over the world, how could sales and commerce be left behind? Today, no sector can survive without online promotion. Even sale of vegetables and fruits have become online, today. You can get to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, no matter where you stay, simply by the click of a mouse!
We are one such online vendor of fruits and vegetables. You can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from our website. You can even order for them on phone. We will make sure that you get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right at your doorstep. Quality service at the least price is our motto.
We are a new team of young and thriving entrepreneurs. Our vision is to fill households with healthy food. We started this business just a couple of months back. But on the very first day, we bagged an unbelievable number of orders. This is because we have already made a name for ourselves in this business. Our clients trust us and order only from us. In fact, we claim to become a household name in the city in a few years.
We have a cold storage for our vegetables. Our stock does not last long. We claim to provide you fresh fruits and vegetables, like no other in the city. But that’s not all! We also provide namkeen, khakhra, papad, and aachars. We promise to spice up your entire plate of food with our tasty add-on items.
That’s not all folks! On public demand, we even launched the sale of fast food on our website. You can order for fast food and we will deliver it fast at your desired venue. Party with our fast food!!
This website is not the only place where you can hear our prices. We reside at the heart of our customers. You can hear our praises from their mouths, too. But that’s not all either. Red FM was all filled with praises for Ahmedabad Sabji Bazaar, too. We were on ‘Red FM Kitty Party’ on 12th April, 2012.
Drinks and sharbats are our bonus products. Our drinks are such that you will get cooled at an instance. We believe in rejuvenating you with our drinks. They are delicious and perfect when you reach home after a long day. You can serve them to your friends and collect complements for yourself in return. We will make you a star among your friends. The number of our loyal customers is increasing day by day. We have long crossed the mark of 1000 customers on our website.
We are continuously adding new products to our list. We recently added flavors and dairy products. Visit our website and you may get all that you are looking for. You may bless us as we may save you from the trouble of going to shopping malls to shop for edible goods. Try us once and experience the difference for yourself. Click to get in touch with us:

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