Thursday, May 3, 2012

All 21 Gates in Ahmedabad city

21 Gates of Ahmedabad

  1. Teen Darwaja (Tran Darwaja, Three gates) - It is composed of 3 arched entrances was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah to serve as a royal entrance to Maidan Shahi. Mughal emperor Jehangir and his wife Nur Jahan used to watch the Tazia procession of Mahuram from over these gates. 
  2. Ashtodia Darwaja - Dyes used to be brought into the city through Ashtodia Darwaja, a key trading . 
  3. Raipur Darwaja - Commoners used Raipur Darwaja to enter and exit the city. 
  4. Sarangpur Darwaja - People used to enter and exit the city through Sarangpur Darwaja. 
  5. Panchkuva Darwaja - Panchkuva Darwaja was built when the city grew in size. 
  6. Prem Darwaja - Prem Darwaja was used by traders to transport their goods. 
  7. Kalupur Darwaja - Food supplies were brought into the city through Kalupur Darwaja. 
  8. Dariyapur Darwaja - Soldiers and their convoys used to pass through Dariyapur Darwaja. 
  9. Delhi Darwaja (Dilli Darwaja) - Delhi Darwaja, as the name suggests was a transit point to the capital Delhi. 
  10. Shahpur Darwaja - People reached Sabarmati River by accessing Shahpur Darwaja. 
  11. Khanpur Darwaja - Khanpur was an entrance to the King's garden.
  12.  Jamalpur Darwaja - Jamalpur Darwaja was an exit point to Vadodara and other cities. 
  13. Halim Darwaja - Halim Darwaja once stood in Shahpoor. Soldiers used to march into the city through this gate. 
  14. Mauda Darwaja - Mahudha Darwaja was built in Panch Kuva area. It was a goods' passage.
  15.  Khan-a-jahan Darwaja - Khan-a-jahan Darwaja was an emergency exit. 
  16. Raikhad Darwaja - People used to go to the Sabarmati through Raikhad Darwaja. 
  17. Ganesh Darwaja - Ganesh Darwaja once stood in area that's currently tucked under Ellis Bridge. It provided people access to the sabarmati river. 
  18. Kharu Darwaja - Kharu Darwaja was built in Karanj to provide soldiers an additional post. 
  19. Bhadra Darwaja - Rulers from other states entered the city through Bhadra Darwaja. 
  20. Lal Darwaja - Lal Darwaja once stood in front of Siddi Sayyed Mosque. 
  21. Salapas Darwaja - Salapas Darwaja stood in the area which is currently close to Advance Talkies. The Queen's convoy used it.