Thursday, May 3, 2012

♥ A Couple Fighting on Phone ♥

♥ A Couple Fighting on Phone ♥

Girl: I know U dont Love me now..=(

you Love somebody else..!! :'(

Boy: I also know that U dont Love me..=(

Girl: I'm breaking up with you;

Go to the Person whom you Love.. :'(

(Girl cuts the Phone, and Boy call her again

and at the same time Girl call Hers..!!
The Operator says:
The number you have Dialled is Busy..)

*Girl Again Trying to call Him, Boy picks her Call..*

Girl: Who is the Bitch you were calling?? =( =@

Boy: (Tears) : It was you.. :'(

Girl: Awwwh...♥

Boy: I love you Sweetheart.. !♥! :***

**Girl Speechless**