Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Petrol Price Hike by Record 7.5 Rs – No Hike in Diesel Prices

petrol price hike 283x300 Petrol Price Hike by Record 7.5 Rs   No Hike in Diesel Prices

As it was speculated that the fuel is set to catch fire in coming days, You can now get ready for the petrol price hike starting midnight followed by increase in diesel prices as well. As stated by the oil companies that there are losses on petrol sales of about 8 rs/litre, the consumer will have to pay 7.5 rs/litre more which will be applicable from tonight 12 AM on-words.
There is even the speculations that the diesel prices will get affected by 4 rs/liter and LPG calender by rs 60. This is a shocking news for the vehicle owners as the fuel prices have hiked to soaring heights in a short span of time.  According to a government official, caution will be taken while increasing the diesel prices because it runs the threat of Inflation.
While the market price of 14 KG LPG cylinder is approximately Rs 880 but the cylinder  is available for domestic customers at subsidized rates of Rs 400.  It is believed that the oil companies are claiming to be at a loss of Rs 13 on every single litre of diesel and rs 480 on an LPG Cylinder.
So if you thought that you would get respite from the soaring prices of petrol, diesel or LPG you are proved yet again. The governance still does not give any sigh of relief to consumers like us, we will update you soon any further changes in the fuel prices.