Monday, August 13, 2012


 G e t t i n g     S t a r t e d
 Q. How do I install Turbo C++?
 A. Run the INSTALL program from DISK 1. To start the installation, change
    your current drive to the one that has the install program on it and
    type INSTALL. You will be given instructions in a box at the bottom of
    the screen for each prompt. For example, if you will be installing from
    drive A:, type:
    At this point, the INSTALL program will appear with menu selections
    and descriptions to guide you through the installation process.
 Q. How do I run Turbo C++?
 A. After you have installed Turbo C++, be sure to add the path to
    the 'BIN' subdirectory of your TC++ installation (e.g., C:\TC\BIN)
    to your DOS path. Now you can type "TC" at the DOS prompt and from any
    directory and you're ready to go.
 Q. What is a configuration file?
 A. A configuration file tells Turbo C++ what options to default to
    and where to look for its library and header files. TC.EXE looks
    for a configuration file named TCCONFIG.TC, and TCC.EXE looks for
    a file named TURBOC.CFG.
 Q. How do I create a configuration file?
 A. When you run the INSTALL program it creates a configuration
    file named TURBOC.CFG for TCC.EXE. This file is just an
    ASCII file, which you can change with any text editor. It
    contains the path information for the library and header
    files for TCC.EXE to use. The INSTALL program does not
    create a TCCONFIG.TC file for TC.EXE because it installs the
    directory information directly into TC.EXE. You can create a
    configuration file for the IDE by running TC.EXE,
    setting your options however you want to set them, and typing