Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Day 1
All Fruits and Juices, Eat as much as you can, but avoid BANANAS
Day 1 helps you to get rid of your 0.5kg to 1kg. of your weight.

Day 2
Vegetables & Vegetables Soup. Vegetables may be boiled or can be taken raw with little salt & pepper.
Raw food includes all the nutritive contents that are needed by the human body.

Day 3
You can have Fruits, Vegetables & Vegetable Soups.
Fruits & Fruit juices help our body to get rid of maximum toxins that are formed in our body itself.

Day 4
8 Bananas & 4 glasses of milk. It is likely that you may not be able to consume all the bananas.
Bananas are the only fruits which contain readily available glucose required for our body.

Day 5
Have 4 red tomatoes & sprouts.
Sprouts are full of proteins. Tomatoes help in supplying the calcium content.

Day 6
1 Big Boiled Potato with a pat of butter & Soup made up of Sprouts.
The best forms of potatoes to be consumed are BOILED POTATOES. Never try the Fried version of it.

Day 7
Baked or Boiled Vegetables and Red Polished Rice.
SUGAR adds to your weight.

Drink lots of water throughout. Tea or coffee may taken but without sugar.