Wednesday, November 28, 2012


DAY 1:
Take as much of the fruit and fruit juice as possible. It is a very good and healthy source of energy, and not very fattening. But you should avoid bananas because they are not a very good diet food. Juices is a quick and tasty source of food and energy. The 1st day of this diet plan can reduce your weight up to 0.5 to 1 KG.

Day 2:
Take as many veggies and vegetable soups as you possibly can. Only eat stuff that is made up of vegetables. You can take the vegetables simmered or you can take them as they are with a little pepper and salt. Vegetables are good for the metabolism. If you take this food then it will provide your body with all the nourishing content that is required by the human body.

Day 3:
Take both fruits and fruit juices, and vegetables and their soups. It will have the combined effect of day 1 and day 2. The human body produces many toxins, and they  need to be taken care of. The fruit juice that we use and the solid fruit takes care of this problem. They reduce the toxins in your body.

Day 4:
Take eight bananas and four glasses of milk, or relevant products. You can make  milkshakes and have them. It is possible that you might not like the bananas, and you might not be able to eat all the bananas. But the only fruit that has the glucose needed by the body is the banana. It provides the body with instant energy.

Day 5:
Take four red tomatoes and vegetables. Vegetables contain lots of protein. Also, a lot of calcium is available in the tomatoes.

Day 6:
Take a big sized potato along with the butter. Also along with that take some vegetable soups. Boiled potatoes the best because that way keeps all of the useful materials that are required by the body. Fried potatoes are never very good.

Day 7:
You can take parched or simmered veggies, and you can have some boiled rice along with that. Sugar has carbohydrates that increase one’s weight. So you should have filtered water all through this diet plan. You can drink tea or coffee, but they should be sugar free.