Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anonymous Brings Down The Websites of Supreme Court of India, Indian Congress To Protest Web Censorship

A few days ago, some Indian ISPs banning ThePirateBay and Vimeo. The list of banned sites also includes KickAssTorrentsExtratTorrentBitSnoop etc. Needless to say that this act didn't go down too well with the online community. Interestingly, the whole scene has grabbed international eyeballs, and Anonymous has returned the favour by hacking the websites of the Supreme Court of India and All India Congress [India's ruling party]

Anonymous believes that websites are being blocked on government order, and therefore, they decided to take down the website of India's ruling party along with that of the Supreme Court. Although the Supreme Court's website seems to be back on track again.

Anonymous launched Operation India with a tweet that said, "Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and install a new one. Good luck.

A few days ago, two YouTube video uploaded by user Sen0nymous, titled 'Operation India' and 'Operation India Engaged', issued a call to action for fellow hackers.

On Thursday afternoon, the websites of the Supreme Court ( and the All India Congress Committee ( were attacked and taken down. The Supreme Court's portal was back after a few hours, but the hackers said AICC will remain down the whole day. 
The Twitter account for Operation India, @opindia_revenge, claimed it had also targeted the website of the Department of Telecommunications (, but it was quickly back. 

Similarly, Sen0nymous reported that the Delhi government's portal ( had been targeted , but it was back soon after. 

The attacks come after the government asked Internet Service Providers to block websites such as The Pirate Bay, a file-sharing site, as well as video-sharing service Vimeo among others. 

Anonymous is a disbanded group of unknown hackers spread across the globe. The international 'hacktivist' group has previously attacked the US Department of JusticeUS Copyrights OfficeSony Playstation NetworkFBI and Egyptian government websites, among others.