Saturday, May 19, 2012

WHich torrents to download

You can achive download speeds in EXCESS of 100Kb per second by following this simple guide:

1. NEVER Queue Torrents - they can stop and start at random and that really messes up your download speeds. ONCE YOU ARE IN A SWARM STAY WITH IT TILL THE JOB IS DONE!

2. ONLY download ONE or at the very most 2 Torrents at any one time or your bit torrent client will Queue them (See above) If a Torrant does NOT start, the chances are high you have too many running at the same time.

3. If downloading never SEED more than one torrent. Your upload speed is the critical factor for downloading and good torrents. Dont max it out!!!!! Leave lots for the swarm on the torrent you are downloading.

4. TEST you speed at this site - once you understand the results ENTER your max upload and download speeds into your Bit torrent Clent.

5. NEVER FORCE START a Torrent - there is a Very Good reason why your bit torrent client will only let you run 2 or 3 torrents at any one time. Please don't over ride your software it is trying to give you the best speeds. Again I ask you not to Queue your torrents, if you have 11 downloads and 22 seeds on the go at the same time then you are a total PRAT.....Stop 10 of the downloads and 21 of the uploads (seeds). It is that simple!

6. Try not to run any other internet activity such as Web browsing Media players CPU intensive or any other P2P (file share) software - that will kill your torrent speeds.

7. Give back to the file share community - learn how you can make your own torrents and share your cool stuff for us to enjoy. it is nice to download, but nicer to GIVE by uploading torrents :-)

And finaly NEVER restrict your upload (seeding) speeds to the torrent swarm you are feeding. This will reward you and everyone in that torrent with better download speeds and a faster result in getting 100% of the wanted file(s) out there. This is also a very important bit. The more you GIVE to the Swarm the FASTER you will download from it. Try it and see! - But again DONT max out your upload speed, remember you can download 10 times faster than you can upload unless you are one of the lucky few to have a symetrical or T1 connection. By giving back to the swarm you also reduce the time taken to seed it and alows you,the uploader (me in this case) to move on to the next goodie you may wish to share with us all.

Central Trackers are now yesterday's news read up and learn about DHT and PEX and use your clients built in Tracker.

Your client may well have it's own site and forum. Knowlege is FAST Download speeds. GET Some soon please if you think your speeds are poor.